On The Down Swing Pivot

down swing screen capI had posted something to DJ’s Watering Hole a couple of days ago simply to aid someone who had asked a question regarding the down swing sequence.

The problem with the down swing, as I’ve said, is that while it can be “over at the top,” meaning you’ve done everything correctly to that point and you make a good swing, there can be things that can sabotage that effortless down swing.

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Peter Kostis Uses MCS Terminology

kostisYes, if you watched the CBS broadcast from the PGA Tour’s 2015 Quicken Loans National event yesterday, you would have seen Peter Kostis using MCS terminology describing the hybrid swing mechanics (“pushing/throwing” combined with “pulling”).

I kid you not.  Anyone who has read my blogging on the golf swing knows that I’ve used the same terms for years upon years to describe the actions of a mechanically-correct swing motion.

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Kiradech Aphibarnrat – Not So Freakish

Kiradech AphibarnratI have always said that I have been wrong before, and I’ll be wrong in the future, and that this is perfectly fine with me.  I am no genius, so I’ll get things wrong from time to time.

What I will never do is leave something I’ve said out there, if I re-evaluate the situation and find I was wrong or could be wrong.

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It’s August & I’m Excited About “Kinesiology”

dj 8i topThere is a general air of excitement and enthusiasm at Wax Golf among my Nation members, and for a good reason.

For years, I’ve tried to help people understand mechanics and swing theory as I saw it, and the way I saw it helped me hit drives of up to 380 yards on the golf course before I was even finished with my theory. Continue reading It’s August & I’m Excited About “Kinesiology”

“Kinesiology” Phase 2 Is Here (Video)

dj 5i 2Today, as I mentioned earlier, is the last day to order “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” in Advance and receive the 33% discount, after which time I shall be working on completing and releasing the video.

This summer is flying by – I can’t believe tomorrow is August, but of course, I have been busy, rounding out the MCS swing theory to perfect the floating heel swing that the majority of swingers will use, not to mention having deciphered the nearly-impossible mechanics of swinging with a planted heel.

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Did Tiger Ditch His Latest “Consultant?” Updated – TW Says “Nyet”

chris-como**Update At Bottom

Some buzz around the elegantly-titled Quicken Loans National that Tiger Woods’ swing “consultant” Chris Como is nowhere to be seen this week.

I guess he has accompanied TW around when playing, because I didn’t know that.**

Still, there’s no real news,  just the usual rumor-mongering in which Continue reading Did Tiger Ditch His Latest “Consultant?” Updated – TW Says “Nyet”

Michelle Wie – Left Left Left Left Left…

michelle wie pivotIf you want any proof just how damaging the modern conventional swing can be to the body, you only have to look at far as Michelle Wie, whose physical ailments have been documented here as she breaks down.

And breaking down she is, like a used rental car on a cross-country trip.  The thing people don’t seem to have done is ask themselves why everything about Wie-zee is “left…”

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The Secret of the Planted Heel Pivot

dustin johnson topIt has nothing to do with Dustin Johnson’s bowed left wrist at the top.

That is an idiosyncrasy and is not related to the secret of the planted-heel or no-heel-lift pivot.

Just as I’ve said that that the secret to Hogan’s pivot was in a single picture (though the “after” illustration is misleading, as I’ve mentioned), you can see the secret to the planted-heel pivot in one swinger I’ve been able to isolate on the PGA Tour.

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Enthusiasm Regarding “Kinesiology” Video

jerry topI want to thank and congratulate everyone who has taken advantage of the Advance Order discount on the upcoming “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video – your support is appreciated, and you will be richly rewarded.

I have been going over the video content, and there will be things in this video that non one has ever explained.  Even things I have briefly mentioned in the past, will be fully explored.

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How Long Will Jason Day’s Back Last?

????????????????I want to congratulate Jason Day, first of all, for that excellent finish at the RBC Canadian Open (birdied last 3 holes) in his victory by one stroke over Bubba Watson (who birded 4 of the last 5 holes, incredibly) and two over David Hearn (who couldn’t pull the putter back to make a stroke on the front 9).

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