A Tale of Two Pivots (Tiger Woods)

tiger woods '92-'13I’ve said in the past and I’ll say again that some people are actually flexible enough (mostly, kids and adolescents) to perform a “floating pivot” with a planted heel.

I’ve also said that as we age, we lose that flexibility to one degree or another, and if we insist on doing things beyond our flexibility, incremental and eventually serious damage will occur.

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DJ’s 2D Swing Angle – Hogan Project Day 8

dj topAn early posting for Asia and Oceanica!

If anyone has any doubts as to what the 2D swing angle is versus the MCS swing angle, please refer to the previous posting.

In this video clip, I’m performing the swing for the first time in ages along the lines of the typical golf swinger’s visual of the swing angle.

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Wax Golf – August Agenda

WAX MembersThere will be some things coming down the pipe in the coming month!

First and foremost, I have re-established the 6-Month block for the Premier Membership and access to DJ’s Watering Hole.

I’ve received queries about this possibility, and consider it done!

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If Tiger Woods Wants Those Majors… (The Pivot)

tiger woods addr 2001Brandon requested in a comment at DJ’s Watering Hole for me to take a look at Tiger Woods’ swing from 2001 after seeing my Ben Hogan Project Day 7 swing clips.

He’s got a good eye, because I hadn’t even unveiled my “up & down the target line” swings from yesterday, but he could see something in my swing and Hogan’s that he recognized from Tiger’s 2001 swing.

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Here’s An Awesome Ben Hogan Video Clip

Hogan At TopI have found that many of Ben Hogan’s swing clips and especially his instructional stuff was taken at a later time in his life, when he’d already become a legend yet was not playing and winning any more.

His last major victory was in 1953, but you could probably watch any swing of his in the ’50’s and see a much more fluid and athletic motion than in his older years, as he did win the 1959 Colonial.

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Hogan’s Pivot + Correct Swing Angle = 335 Yard Drive

CIMG7107The math is very simple, my friends.  Ben Hogan’s “Floating Pivot” plus the Correct Swing Angle = Very Long Drives.

I wrote yesterday that I’d never actually swing exactly like Ben Hogan did, even if I managed to replicate his swing (as much as anyone would be able to), because the anti-hook compensations are power leaks.

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A Better Hogan Swing Model (He Had the Slide!)

hogan slideA status update.  For the Ben Hogan Project I’ve been enjoying the past month, I have found a better “Hogan Swing” model to use.

I’ve been using a frontal swing model of Hogan that is pretty good, but is an older Hogan and not one from his actual winning years.

The one I’ve found is definitely a 50’s era swing, both from the video and audio quality.

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