Mechanically-Correct – Shoulders & Knees (Updated)

????????Originally posted March 31, 2014 on Wax Golf

Something to think about when Tiger Woods plays in the Bridgestone this weekend (no cuts, so Tiger will play four rounds) – keep an eye on that modern swing “separation” that the announcers and analysts just love, for some reason…updated at bottom


The most noticeable thing I see when comparing modern golf swings with the restricted hip action on the back swing is what happens with the “disconnect.”

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The New Beginning Is Here

sunriseAugust 1st is tomorrow, and it’s a new beginning at Wax Golf!  I have removed the MPS “B” or Playing Swing video and all previous MCS videos from downloading availability, so I hope that everyone who wanted any of them took advantage while they were still available.

Moving on, I have noticed new traffic to the site with my resumption of PGA Tour player analyses and especially the Ben Hogan Project, and that is the perfect time to re-boot Wax Golf for those who are unfamiliar with the previous terminology regarding the MCS swing philosophy.

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Leading Side Leverage

????Originally posted on the DJ Watts Golf blog on July 24, 2013.

Note: This is being re-posted because if you’re looking to swing MCS or like Ben Hogan, you will need to use LSL.

The most effective golf swing uses both sides of the body, and while most people think only of the power side (right hand and arm for right-handed swingers), the leading side plays an integral role in swinging MCS, and Hogan definitely used LSL.

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Zach Johnson Gets the “Throw Drill” Wrong

zachjohnsonthrowdrillI had an eerie experience yesterday when I ran across this Mike Bender & Zach Johnson piece in Golf Digest concerning “generating distance.”

First off, I didn’t know that Zach Johnson was such a power hitter.  Let’s check the PGA Tour stats.

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A Tale of Two Pivots (Tiger Woods)

tiger woods '92-'13I’ve said in the past and I’ll say again that some people are actually flexible enough (mostly, kids and adolescents) to perform a “floating pivot” with a planted heel.

I’ve also said that as we age, we lose that flexibility to one degree or another, and if we insist on doing things beyond our flexibility, incremental and eventually serious damage will occur.

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DJ’s 2D Swing Angle – Hogan Project Day 8

dj topAn early posting for Asia and Oceanica!

If anyone has any doubts as to what the 2D swing angle is versus the MCS swing angle, please refer to the previous posting.

In this video clip, I’m performing the swing for the first time in ages along the lines of the typical golf swinger’s visual of the swing angle.

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Wax Golf – August Agenda

WAX MembersThere will be some things coming down the pipe in the coming month!

First and foremost, I have re-established the 6-Month block for the Premier Membership and access to DJ’s Watering Hole.

I’ve received queries about this possibility, and consider it done!

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