The Funny Thing About My Picture @

?????First of all, they lifted that picture from my Smash Golf blog back in 2011.

You’ll notice if you go there that they still haven’t captioned it with my name or where they got it from.

I blogged about taking my pic back then, and sent some emails, until someone finally responded.

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Oh My – I Found Something (Long Drive)

impI went out today to hit balls and while I knew it wasn’t the warmest October 2nd on record, I wasn’t quite prepared for what awaited me at “Wind Alley,” which is my nickname for the range where I work out.

It was bad enough that the temp was only about 10 C (50 F), but there was a steady headwind of over 30 km with gusts way higher than that – I had my tripod blow over a couple of times.  The wind chill had to be close to freezing.

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Long Drive – The Optimal Model

dj imp ldIt is easy to get distracted by the way some long drivers swing.

Guys like Joe Miller and Ryan Winther, and others who’ve won world championships in long drive.

They swing flat-footed and it seems a good thing, but there’s one thing people don’t see or think about.

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Anthony Kim – Poster Boy For The Modern Swing

anthony-kim-impactLaser commented yesterday about recent sightings of Anthony Kim, whom I hold out as the poster boy for how the modern golf swing concepts will utterly wreck you if you’re not careful.

I wrote about Kim way back in my Smash Golf Blog days, when he hit the scene and helped to fill some of the void left in golf by Tiger Woods’ leg injury in 2008.

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The Iron Byron Drill – Right Side

iron byron screen capOK, I’ve been looking at how best to demonstrate the right arm and hand release action, and of course the best possible mechanical action is that of the Iron Byron.

It’s a very basic premise that involves the “Line of Scrimmage” concept from the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video and we can look at both left and right sides.

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Swinging The SMT 455 Long Driver

ld impI took another couple of long drive clubs to the range along with the SMT Nemesis that I usually swing (blue head), on a trip to the range Saturday.

I had the 45″ shafted Geek Dot.Com.This that BT sent me a couple of years back, and the SMT Deep Bore 455 club (cherry red head)  that had given me problems when I last tried swinging it.

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Henrik Stenson – Learn How To Hit Your Driver

steele impactIf you’re wondering why anyone is even close to Henrik Stenson this weekend, it’s because he can’t hit his driver and that really worked against him yesterday.

The course in Atlanta for this week’s Tour Championship at East Lake is drenched, and they played lift-clean-place yesterday.

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Joe Miller Takes Mesquite Ultimate Long Drive Championship

joe millerJoe Miller has won the inaugural Mesquite Ultimate Long Drive Championship over Kevin Shook.

The details of the format are listed here (there was a points and winners/losers bracket thing going on), but basically, Kevin Shook coming out of the “losses” bracket had to beat Joe in two final rounds to take the win.

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