MCS – The Norman/Crowell Variation

???????????Here is some more insight on the work I’ve been doing with PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell over the past couple of months.

There is a variation of the down swing and action through impact that I years ago looked into and dubbed the “hockey” swing because I actually dreamed it up while remembering my hockey days and how the slap shot is performed.

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A Great MCS Golf Swing (Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell)

BT3This clip shows a couple of swings from PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, face on and down the line with the Driver in slow-motion.

As I said yesterday, BT and I have been working on his swing for about two months but he’s had time the last couple of weeks to focus on the work and not playing in events.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – Big Toilet Says “Eureka!”

jerry crowellshark-and-bake-djThis week was a very big week for Jerry “The Big Toilet” Crowell and me.

We’ve been working on his swing since sometime in the late summer, and while things have been falling into place, we couldn’t really work on the swing until he was done playing in his end-of-season events.

What would happen was that we’d work on the swing until I saw what I liked and he was hitting it great, but there was no time for the changes to “take.”  When you make swing Continue reading

Reverse-Engineering Jamie Sadlowski’s Swing

jamie sadlowski addrI’ve said already that I consider Jamie Sadlowski to be (pound for pound if not in raw numbers) the greatest long driver in the sport’s short-lived history.

Taking into account his physical stature, competing against and twice beating much bigger and stronger men in the Remax Long Drive Championship, it’s not a hard argument to make.

What I’m doing right now, having finished the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan” Project,” is taking another good and hard look at Sadlowski’s swing mechanics.

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Jamie Sadlowski – Floating Pivot

Jamie Sadlowski - Slo MoWhich is best for long driving – a shift and post pivot or a floating pivot?

It’s a shame that Jamie Sadlowski’s run of two consecutive Remax World Long Drive Championships came before it became a live-televised event.

He took his titles back in ’08 and ’09, which is  a lifetime ago in terms of Long Drive competition, and I thought he would go on to win more titles in years to come.

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Long Driving With The Floating Pivot

????????I figure that with the Remax World Long Drive Championship just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to discuss Long Drive!

I have only had one day trying out a long drive swing with the floating pivot rather than the shift-and-post style, and I was pleased with the initial results yesterday.

I didn’t have any SSR readings to go on or anything to gauge club impact speed, but I was Continue reading

OK – Wax Long Drivers…

dj topI took my favorite long drive club of the two donated last winter by Wax Member jmwald, and I was curious how a swing would work with a more floating pivot type of back swing over the shift and post that I had going to end last year.

One thing I discovered swing the long drive club the few times I did is that normal swinging rules are not really at play with the heavier and stiffer 50″ shafted drivers.

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