So… Can You Float Your Golf Swing Pivot?

CIMG6986Like Ben Hogan did?

I say yes, yes you can… now, the thing with most golf instruction and analysis is that they teach or try to teach the golf swing using positions.

Meaning, “here’s so-and-so at the top” or “half-way down,” and the obsession with micro-positions gives you the Ben Hogan vs Tiger Woods positions that the top.

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9 Iron Swing Gif. From Ben Hogan Project Day 4

p-wedgeI have posted some video from the Ben Hogan Project Day 4 at DJ’s Watering Hole, and here’s a little gif. showing my swing with a 9 iron from that day.

I didn’t add any other Hogan elements to what I was doing (I like to add one element and then swing that way for at least another day before adding something else), just working on what I’ve implemented so far.

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Off To Angus Glen (& Tiger Woods-Galea Update)

angus glen clubhouseAngus Glen GC is the site of two past Canadian Opens- 2002 (South Course) and 2007 (North Course).

For action movie buffs, if you’ve ever watched The Art of War 2 with Wesley Snipes, that’s the Angus Glen clubhouse in the closing scenes where Wesley shoots everything and everyone up.

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Today’s Players Are NOT Swinging Like Ben Hogan

?????????I surf Youtube looking for different angles of Ben Hogan’s golf swing to show people, and I invariably run across “analysis” of Hogan’s action.

The reason I put analysis in quotes is because most of the time it’s not real analysis, just pointing out something that is either obvious (“look at his flat plane”) or something completely incorrect in Hogan’s position or motion.

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Ben Hogan Project – Day 3

????????I thought I’d better get around to posting Day 3 swings from my Ben Hogan project as I just yesterday shot “Day 4″ video which I’m currently analyzing.

In this sequence is the driver swing, mostly front with some slo-mo looking DTL, and I want everyone to know that if you remove Hogan’s anti-hooking elements from his personal swing, you can hit the ball very powerfully and long without having to spend all day hitting balls to keep the groove.

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Ben Hogan – The Swinging The Gate (Pivoting)

????????????????????????I’ve been browsing through Youtube clips looking for something about Ben Hogan’s pivot action.

I think I may just be different from most people who look at Hogan’s swing, because it seems the thing I’m most interested in barely gets any mention when others discuss the Hogan swing.

The pivot, in my humble opinion, is the secret to Ben Hogan’s swing magic.

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