Ben Hogan’s “Waggle”

CIMG7115Here’s something awesome that I’ve been working on explaining.  And this is one of the best things about the Ben Hogan Project that is coming to completion, along with the “Swinging Gate” and “Floating Pivot” and “Leading Side Leverage” concepts – the “Hogan Waggle.”

There has been much written on the “Hogan Waggle,” but it isn’t something that just makes you “look like Hogan” when you’re preparing to perform a swing on the ball in front of you.

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Tiger Woods Update – More Gym Work, No Swinging?

tiger_woods_muscle-17592I have to admit that I’m becoming increasingly confused by the mindset of one Tiger Woods.

It seems, and I’ve just returned home from being away all morning on personal business, that Tiger has revealed he’s not even swinging a club yet, but working out hard at the gym.

This doesn’t compute.

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I Almost Had My “Perfect Swing” In 2011

dj watts 4 iron topThe great thing about keeping all of the video from my swing research, even when I said, “That’s not perfect,” and might have deleted some of it, is that I can go back and gauge how close I was to cracking the riddle of a mechanically perfected swing before going off in another direction.

It’s maddening, to look back and it’s as if I were hacking my way through a dense jungle in search of a mythical golden treasure, only to change directions multiple times every time I came close to stumbling across the glittering hoard.

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Fred Couples – The Back Cruncher

couples-bOriginally published July 24, 2010 on the Smash Golf blog

I mentioned Fred Couples and his back-crunching swing last week while musing on the origins of the flat-footed golf swing.

I’m sure that whatever I had to say about Freddie’s swing four years ago in a previous blog would hold true today…

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Advanced Swing Theory – The Flat-Footed Swing

flat foot swing topI am re-posting a swing gif. of a swing model I was working on back in the fall of ’07, which was the first year I began to post my swing clips on Youtube.

I was probably two years into my swing research and had been posting clips for a couple of months when I shot this swing.

You’ll notice if you look that I was swinging flat-footed, as this was the time I was looking at Moe Norman’s swing.  I figured that the perfect golf swing combined the accuracy of Moe’s action with the power of a Jack Nicklaus or Sam Snead.

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Remember This Guy? (Anthony Kim)

anthony-kim-impact**Originally posted on the Smash Golf Blog July 30, ’09 – Updated at DJ Watts Golf Blog March 2011

If you’ve wondered where Anthony Kim has been, he’s not even playing golf right now, according to his agent back in April of this year.

This is what can happen with a mechanically-flawed swing.  It takes a great deal of talent to overcome it, and even then, injuries and inconsistent play (“I’ve lost my mojo”) are just around the corner.

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