Secret Of MCS Floating Pivot – “Switching Sides”

mcs addrI realized this morning that I posted the “Mallet Drill” to DJ’s Watering Hole before I had addressed the “Switching Sides” concept with which to do it.

Now, I’ve said before that the MCS “floating pivot” modeled after the pivots of the greats from Bobby Jones to Ben Hogan to Jack Nicklaus is a floating pivot whether you’re swinging in the classic model with the floating heel, but also with the MCS Modern Swing model with the planted leading heel.

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Take The Swing “To The Wall”

djs wallI am getting through all of the new material for the upcoming “KinesioIogy of the MCS Golf Swing” material that I had to re-shoot for the video, and here’s a little tidbit for the DJ’s Watering Hole crew on the “mallet” action of the MCS Golf Swing.

This is more for the “throwing” swingers, but if you are a hybrid swinger, this concept should also make sense to you as it simply shows the right or power side action in a throwing and/or hybrid swing action.

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Jordan Stumbles & Jason Day Still Tempting Fate

jasaon dayYesterday at the Barclays kickoff to the Fed-Ex Cup provided a bit of a look at Jordan Spieth when he’s not at his sharpest, and Jason Day continues to see how long he can swing the way he does and still play golf.

I’ve said before (and not alone, it’s not a big secret) that Jordan Spieth’s strength lies in his short game/putting and his course management.

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These Truths Are Self-Evident

imp arcThere will be a piece in the upcoming “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” that goes along this line: “Here are the things we already know…”

The reason for that is, if you’re going to subscribe to a swing theory (or anything else), you have to accept certain things as “already known.”

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Re: “Kinesiology” – Thanks To Everyone

throw release ironI am of course still working on the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video which is nearing completion after the delay a couple of weeks back, but I want to thank everyone who has been patiently waiting, having ordered it in advance.

There was no foreseeing that I would have a simpler and better meme for the video come up when I was nearly finished it, requiring some major re-doing, but I still don’t like any delays, and the excellent support I’ve received has made it easier.

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MCS = Max Efficiency

swing bottomThe nature of swinging or throwing anything is that the more mechanically-correct your motion is (the more it emulates the natural motion and within boundaries of such motion), the better it will be.

I can give dry, scientific explanations of things, or I would if I could, perhaps, but the natural and simple layman’s explanations work better, because that’s how we were taught athletic motion as kids.

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Aha – Tiger Woods Has An Ailing Hip

tiger waste managementI’m surprised he hasn’t fallen completely apart by now, but the slow process continues for Tiger Woods.

I could have sworn I saw him moving gingerly during yesterday’s coverage.

There was a noticeable limp at times, he walked very slowly at other times, and he was grimacing the entire day, especially after hard swings.

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Davis Love III – Winner At 51

dliiiDavis Love III always mystified me when I was looking at the golf swing and especially the “modern” planted-heel golf swing.

He just won the Wyndham Championship today at the age of 51 & 4 months, making him the second third-oldest winner behind Sam Snead at 52 (who won the same event for his last victory as well!), and Art Wall at 51 and 7 months, but I had taken a look at his action again earlier today before the coverage began.

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Baseball Players – Should Be Crushing The Ball

baseball stanceI’ve said I have played a lot of different sports as a kid.

And the one thing I don’t get (yet at the same time I get it) is why baseball players aren’t crushing the ball off the tee and getting really good, crisp iron shots out of those swings.

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NOTHING In Modern Golf Makes It “Easier”

tiger-extendI keep hearing the same argument when anyone resists swinging with mechanical-correctness, usually in the form of an internet/armchair swing guru complaining about MCS.

PeterAllenby, one of my long-time readers, is part of a forum where he tries to spread the word.

When he linked to a clip¬†last year or before on my 4 iron swing (not the one from the last posting, a different one), he was told that the “throw release” would be difficult to play with as “it requires too much timing.”

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