Enthusiasm Regarding “Kinesiology” Video

jerry topI want to thank and congratulate everyone who has taken advantage of the Advance Order discount on the upcoming “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video – your support is appreciated, and you will be richly rewarded.

I have been going over the video content, and there will be things in this video that non one has ever explained.  Even things I have briefly mentioned in the past, will be fully explored.

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How Long Will Jason Day’s Back Last?

????????????????I want to congratulate Jason Day, first of all, for that excellent finish at the RBC Canadian Open (birdied last 3 holes) in his victory by one stroke over Bubba Watson (who birded 4 of the last 5 holes, incredibly) and two over David Hearn (who couldn’t pull the putter back to make a stroke on the front 9).

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David Hearn vs Bubba Watson

david hearnToday’s final round of the Canadian Open should be interesting, if David Hearn can keep the squadron of butterflies in his belly at bay.

He’s teeing off with a 2-stroke lead and playing with Bubba Watson, who has his own Canadian connection – Watson’s married to a Canadian gal who hails from Newmarket, just a little drive north of the Toronto area.

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MCS Swing Theory Adds Another Puzzle Piece

dj 5iI am telling you, my friends – I don’t know how much better this new video project can get.

What I do know is that the MCS Swing Theory on how to swing with minimal or no heel lift – it is going to blow every modern swing guru’s theories out of the water – because they don’t have in their models what is in MCS – mechanical correctness and athletic soundness.

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Classic MCS vs The MCS “Modern Swing”

dj 7i dtlIn a week’s time, I’ve been able to isolate the mechanics of the planted heel back swing and down swing, and I can declare the MCS “Modern Swing” model to be perfectly mechanically-sound.

I probably have one or two more sessions to swing and study the motion, but there is (if you swing properly) a golf swing model that will allow you to swing with a non-lifting leading heel and still garner all of the benefits of the classic MCS swing model.

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Swinging With The “Throw” Flat-Footed (Video)

dj top uptThis is actually my proudest achievement in studying the golf swing and motion.

I thought I had reached my pinnacle figuring out the maximum leverage principles of the floating pivot.

Imagine my surprise when the minimal-to-no-heel lift mechanical action fell on my head during the weekend of the Open Championship.

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Big Toilet Makes The Cut @ California Open

Jerry 'Big Toilet' Crowell - 4 IronYou’ll all remember that my initial work on the final MCS swing model was to help Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell transition from being a PGA of America instructor to playing some tournament golf as well.

We’ve been working on his swing since I got back from Southern California in January, and things are starting to round out for him, swing-wise.

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Last Week To Order “Kinesiology MCS” In Advance-

dj addrJust a note – first of all, thanks to everyone who has ordered “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” in advance – the video is getting better content-wise by the day, and by the time I’m in final editing, it will be something.

This is also the last week of July and the last week to take advantage of the 33% saving on ordering before the release.  At month’s end, the Advance Order option will go away.

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Golf Swing Kinesiology – Swinging With No Floating Heel

dj top non-floatSo, after 30 years of “modern golf swing” theory that is ripping up backs, hips and knees the world over…

I took a closer took at swingers like Dustin Johnson and Mike Dunaway to see how and why they could drive the ball 350 yards flat-footed with no seeming stress or strain, and without incurring the usual injuries.

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The Mike Austin – Dunaway Double-Cross

Mike-Austin-Austinology-CoverThis is why you couldn’t figure out what either Mike Austin nor Mike Dunaway were doing – because they were swinging two different ways.

They were both mechanically-correct swings, but I would say they weren’t optimal because of the shifting head on the back swing – very difficult to be consistent, let alone very accurate, with a shifting head on the wind-up doing anything.

Golf, with its premium on precision, is no exception.  But let’s forget the shifting head and Austin-Dunaway still had two different swings.

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