Holiday Sale – The Ben Hogan Project

hogan projectI have put the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project” on sale for the Holiday Season.  After the great reviews and feedback on the video itself, this is my effort to make sure that anyone who hasn’t yet watched it, can do it this Christmas season.

If you’ve not read the feedback I’ve received, and/or you’re a Ben Hogan fan or interested in any way to know what he was doing, and why no one has been able to explain his mechanics accurately ’til now, you’ll have a great video to watch to take out the year.

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Obsolete – Here’s a Beautiful Thing (MCS Swing)

CIMG7674Every video clip of my swing is now officially obsolete.

Remember when I said that the Ultimate MCS was a combination of the Ben Hogan-style “floating pivot” with the “throw release” action of Mike Austin?

I obtained some video today of some swings with my adjusted visual, and this is the swing, my friends, that I’ve been looking to uncover in the ten years of my swing research.

These swings below are the first day hitting balls with the adjusted visual, and this time, I got it.

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Throw Release = Sledge Hammer Swing

snead addrThe human body is a an incredible thing, but one thing I love about it is the consistency of mechanical motions it is designed to make.

There are so many visual references to a mechanically-correct golf swing, and yet they all describe the same action.

The true challenge of the golf swing, you see, is making it the same motion that all other motions of the same sort consist of.

What has happened with the golf swing is that the brain short-circuits with all of the faulty and ridiculous stance, grip and swing model information with with it is inundated from the first lesson.

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Closing In On my Visual

CIMG7625I’ve been to the Dome to hit some balls three times now since the outdoor season ended, and I’m closing in on my visual since I made the transition from the visual of a left-side-pull swing that has had me essentially swinging with one arm (the left one) for a good deal of my research years.

I suppose I can blame Moe Norman for that, although if you listen to anyone talk about the swing, even the best ball-strikers ever, you’ll do so at your own peril, as many of the greatest swingers had no clue exactly what they were doing, just to keep doing it that way.

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Change Your Visual Image

?????????????????If you’re struggling with a certain facet of the golf swing, then you likely have to do something, and that is to change your visual image of what you imagine a golf swing to be.

That’s what I did.  I wasn’t “getting” my perfect swing image to translate into actual performance, and then I inadvertently changed my visual a few weeks ago, and things began to fall into place.

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DJ In Early ’98 – Modern Swing Model

???????circa January 1998

Now, I’ve said that I got as much of my MCS swing models out of athletic intuition and experience in other sports as I did studying other swings and what have you.

I can show you the effects of that athlete’s intuition upon a swing model – and a modern swing model no less – that I was being taught at the time.

I had just begun to take instruction from my 2nd and last instructor, and here you can see the swing model he had for the swing.

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