“Hard To Watch The Pros (On TV)…”

fox golfI am currently bed-ridden with a bit of a stomach bug, so I won’t be long… I have some green tea and a TV basketball game to nurse me back when I return to a horizontal position.

However, there is one thing for which I feel the need to apologize to people who begin to understand the concept of a mechanically-correct swing action, especially one with the proper Swing Angle.

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Found Footage! DJ In 2007 (Earliest Video To Date)

dj addr 07I actually have swings on video going back to 1998 when I recorded some swings while trying to learn a conventional golf swing.

But as far as my swing research years (June 2005 to 2015), I have most of the video from 2005-08 on VHS video and not digital files, but…

There is a swing I converted into a file format years ago, from the autumn of 2007, when my swing research really began to take off.

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MCS Irons DTL (Video)

5i impHere are some swings with my 7i and 5i that I recorded last Monday in my first swinging session in about three weeks (the outdoor season ended at the beginning of November), at the Metro Dome.

I was happy with the change I made with coming into impact with a lower right heel.

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The 3 “Stability Factors” In MCS…

addr-imp3I said yesterday that MCS is the manner of swinging a golf club the way your body is designed to move and not according to bizarre positional theories advanced by the past couple decades’ worth of “modern golf swing” instructors and gurus.

And here is the way to describe how any MCS or mechanically-correct swing should work, whether it’s a swing based on my model or not.

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Modern Golf – Focused On The Wrong Things (Spine Angle?)

addr-impVolume 372 of “Modern Swing Fallacies…”

I have a lot of issues with the “modern golf swing” school of thought, not the least of which is the way it has damaged countless young swingers’ lower backs, limbs and joints with the restricted hip back swing and torso twisting.

The other thing that annoys me with modern golf is the obsession on things that don’t matter, and how these obsessions trickle over to students trying to learn a swing.

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BT’s Swing – Face On

btaddrHere is a clip from yesterday while Jerry “BT” Crowell and I were discussing the swing.

He continues to prepare for 2016 tournaments and his swing is tighter than I’ve ever seen it.

There will be one thing we’ll be working on before I get to see him again in person, but this swing is about as good as it gets.

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Anatomy Of A Swing Change…

heel liftSo I made a swing change about three weeks into my winter break, having had three weeks since the outdoor season ended to think about the work I’ve done this year.

Part of my personal journey in search of my ultimate swing action has been the struggle with how I swung the club with a lot of leading side leverage, having played baseball in my youth (as well as having swung axes and sledgehammers).

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