Wax Golf’s “Ben Hogan Project” Is Available For Download!

??????????????????????I’ve finally completed it – Wax Golf’s “The Ben Hogan Project” is now available for download, and thanks to Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell for helping me make it a great video with our work together on the Floating Pivot and Leading Side Leverage.

I delayed the video completion this past month because of our work together, but it has certainly proven to be a good decision for me to have done so.

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The Big Toilet Takes the Inland Empire Championship

IE ChampsI know that I’ve been sounding like a fuss-bucket regarding Jerry “The Big Toilet” Crowell playing in tournaments while we work on his swing changes, but apparently Jerry has no problem doing it right now.

We worked last week on maintaining the changes, because the problem wasn’t that he didn’t get the changes, but that he didn’t have enough time to make them feel normal before teeing it up.  Anyone who has even a working knowledge of the golf swing knows that “feel” isn’t “real,” that what you feel you’re doing at times.

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R.I.P. Mike Dunaway

mike dunaway impactI have just received a message from the Big Toilet saying simply “R.I.P. Mike Dunaway.”  It appears that the legendary father of modern long drive has passed away.

I will have more as I get it, but that’s all I know at the moment.

The golf swing world has lost big Mike, who helped develop the Callaway Big Bertha driver and who inspired Art Sellinger, founder of Long Drivers of America.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – A Great Weekend Ahead

shark-and-bake-dj???????????I am absolutely thrilled this morning, my friends, and it’s for multiple reasons.

I have been reviewing video that I shot this week for the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project,” and I believe that this will be, by far, the best video I have produced to date.

It’s not just the visual – it will look the best of any video I’ve produced, that much is pretty well established, but also the way I kept putting off finishing it just to meet a self-imposed deadline until everything just clicked, which I feel it has.

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On the Ben Hogan Project (Updated)

hogan-duf-topUpdate at bottom

I’ve just returned from the golf course having finished re-shooting part of the Wax Golf Ben Hogan Project, which is currently past due for release.  I’ve taken the extra time because when I made my initial projection for the release, I hadn’t yet started my work with the Big Toilet.

I gave him the priority of my past month as he is trying to get to a place with his swing where he can simply maintain it, and I actually think we’ve been able to do it.

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Remax Re-Wind – 2010 Domenic Mazza

domenic mazzaOriginally posted on the Smash Golf blog November 8, 2010

This is a posting from the Remax World Long Drive Championships back in 2010, when a 16 year old high school baseball pitcher Domenic Mazza turned the long drive world on its ear and nearly won the whole shebang.

Joe Miller took the prize that year but remember how smooth and fluid Mazza looked?  I Continue reading

The Power of The Pivot (Awesome Swing) Updated

???????????????????**Updated at Bottom

I had a session yesterday with a local friend and neighbor of a Wax Reader, and I will be posting some video of his pretty awesome swing over at DJ’s Watering Hole later.  First, let me tell you a little about “J.”

He is pretty fit as you can see from the pics, but had had a shoulder injury and was very discouraged with his ball striking.  He had lost power and control and had been to various instructors, none of whom could help him.

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