The Wax Golf Swing Program Is Born

?????????It was something that came about while Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and I were working on his swing and joking around about how it wouldn’t take four years to re-tool his swing.

Part of that reason is obvious – the floating pivot that Ben Hogan and the classic era swingers used and which we’re building into his motion is more suited to playing golf than the shift-and-post pivot he was pursuing when his search for Mike Austin’s secrets brought him to my blog years ago.

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DJ’s MCS Swing – 5 Iron

???????????????????So, having completed the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project,” here is a swing clip of my personal MCS swing with a 5 iron, face-on and down the line.

If you look closely at the face-on clip, you’ll see that familiar Hogan “falling off” action that I’ve described in the video, where it looks like the swinger is “falling off” his right hip into the down swing, and that’s classic floating pivot stuff.

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The Modern Swing + Inertia = Bad Medicine

tiger (3)Originally posted on the DJ Watts Golf Blog on March 8, 2013

Note: It is amazing that stuff like this is not widely discussed in golf, because no other sport advocates the motions being taught in modern golf, and for a reason.  A year and a half later, this is still a relevant issue!


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The Golf Swing = Rolling The Dice

stancesI made an analogy about my golf swing research while discussing the swing with Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell.  He said it was a very apt one, so I’ll share it with you all.

You may wonder (not having done it) why researching something so relatively simple as a golf swing motion would take so long, and the reason is that I wasn’t just trying to develop a competent golf swing and leave it at that.  I could have done that after a year or two of research.  I had a pretty good swing model by then.

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The MCS Golf Swing – Regarding The Journey

dj-mps-b-impact.jpgI am posting certain parts of a comment left by Chief Cowpie a couple of days ago on the preceding post regarding the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project.”

It has been a very interesting past few months to be sure, especially considering I had no idea I would even produce the Hogan Project until it was already essentially half-completed.

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Wax Golf’s “Ben Hogan Project” Feedback – Thanks!

hogan projectJust a brief post thanking everyone who has supported the site with their purchase of the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project, and a thought or two on the process.

There are times when you look back at an occurrence or event and wonder what made the stars align to for them to come about, and the Hogan Project is one of them.

I decided back in June to take another look at Ben Hogan’s swing because I was doing or writing something that had to do with leading side leverage.   I remembered a video clip of Hogan making his down swing move, that I’d seen on Youtube, and I wanted to find it again.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – “Getting It” vs Just Doing It

shark-and-bake-djIt’s hard to put into words what happens when you finally click on something and truly start to “get it” vs just repeating actions and motions that you’ve been told to perform.

In one instance, you’re just repeating a series of actions without the true understanding behind them, and in the other, you’re on your way to owning your own swing.

I’ve experienced this working on the swing with the PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell.

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