Jason Day – Almost As Good As It Gets

????????????????I’ve wanted to take a look at Jason Day’s swing for some time as he is a young and talented power swinger on the PGA Tour, but recent injury problems with his thumb kept him out of play for a bit, and it wasn’t logical to look at his swing while he nursed an injury anyways.

He seems to have recovered, and I found a slow motion face-on swing of his, and my initial suspicions were confirmed – Day will likely run into lower back and/or leading knee issues as he gets older, if not sooner.

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Big Toilet & The Difference Between Pros-Amateurs

BT - Masters biscuitI’ve learned one thing while studying the golf swings of the great past players, and it wasn’t until Jerry “The Big Toilet” Crowell and I hooked back up to work some more on his swing that I realized it – you can’t look at the swings of even good amateurs the same way as pros.

That’s a fact, although I always dismissed it when others would say it.  I was wrong, they were correct.  So right, that the minute I accepted that and talked to BT about his swing and what was bugging him, he just took off with his mechanics.

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Last Day To Advance Order “The Ben Hogan Project”

??????????????????It’s Labour Day and the last day of summer vacation for our kids who return to school tomorrow, it’s overcast, taking away the possibility of shooting a little more video, so I’ll be having a quiet day at home to mark the holiday.

Today will be the last day that Advance Ordering the “Wax Golf Ben Hogan Project will be available, and I anticipate release in about a week or so, if everything goes according to plan.  It’s been a great summer of looking into something that actually made its way into MCS swing theory – the Floating Pivot that most of the classic era swingers used, but the action that Ben Hogan developed and perfected for his swing that is ideally suited to playing scoring golf.

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The Law of 45 Degrees

????????Originally Posted on December 29, 20013

If you’re swinging at the target in the golf swing, then you are experiencing difficulties and physical ailments for a very good reason – you’re doing it completely wrong.  Not even close…

You’ve seen the “throw the club at the target” drills or the “throw a ball down the line” drill, both of which are woefully incorrect images to give the swinger in action.

In the picture below, I would ask anyone to tell me how, in the most minute aspect, I could be described as swinging “at the target.”

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Big Toilet Update – Two Weeks, Flushing It

BT - Masters biscuitOne of the fun things about working with a PGA of America instructor and playing pro – these guys are good…

This is more about the shift-and-post pivot versus the floating pivot for advanced golfers than BT himself, but he makes a very good model right now to examine.

Jerry “The Big Toilet” Crowell has been working on his swing with me again for the past couple of weeks or more, and I can’t believe how fast he’s making changes with the floating pivot concept that I isolated as the key to Ben Hogan’s swing success.

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Numbers – Tiger’s Fields Were Not “Better & Deeper” Than Nicklaus’ Were

tiger-woods_nicklausOriginally posted on the DJ Watts Golf Blog June 29, 2013

I think this would be a fitting time, in the week in which Tiger Woods makes a move with his coaching situation to look at how Tiger’s major record stacks up against Jack Nicklaus’ record.  The Tiger Era is over, for the most part.  So let’s take a look

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Tiger Era – Definitely Over (If This Quote Is Accurate)

US golfer Tiger Woods stands on the 14thWhen I was writing my post about the odds of Tiger Woods returning to Butch Harmon being somewhere between slim and none (and slim had left town ten years ago), I completely missed a passage (being that it didn’t pertain to Butch’s comment regarding Tiger II) that indicates the Tiger Woods Era is definitely over.

I had already said the “Next One” was already here, and it’s true that you can have two superstars playing against each other (Nicklaus vs Palmer for a couple of years before Nicklaus blew his doors off), but it won’t be Tiger vs Rory, if the following passage is accurately quoted.

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