Shark & Bake Saturday – “Getting It” vs Just Doing It

shark-and-bake-djIt’s hard to put into words what happens when you finally click on something and truly start to “get it” vs just repeating actions and motions that you’ve been told to perform.

In one instance, you’re just repeating a series of actions without the true understanding behind them, and in the other, you’re on your way to owning your own swing.

I’ve experienced this working on the swing with the PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell.

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A Pro’s Journey From Shift & Post To Floating Pivot

BA1 - ADDRThis is really proving to be an eye-opening experience, the second time around working with PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell on his swing model.

The first time around, we were trying to “Austinize” his swing with the elements of the swing model Mike Austin developed many years ago. ¬†There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mike Austin’s swing model mind you, if you’re into long drive, but for playing scoring golf, it is not likely to bring you great success.

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Wax University – How Long To Earn a Degree?

bt set up before & afterYou could say that Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and I have a running joke going as we have been working on his swing.

The joke being that there is some sort of diploma or degree to be earned when it comes to figuring out the mechanically-correct swing that best suits one personally in golf.

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Three Laws of Address – Position, Position & Position

????????????This particular posting will apply to the New MCS “Formula” swingers as well as those who are going to a floating pivot (seeing how the Formula stance is essentially a right-biased floating pivot stance).

I’ve been harping on the address position ad nauseum, but do you know what Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and I have been working on these past two

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Not A Re-Post – Tiger Hitting Balls Again?

tiger pinkI know the title would read like a re-posting of my originally titled posting from last summer, where Tiger Woods surprised everyone by beginning to hit balls again so soon after having back surgery.

The subsequent injuries, WD’s and missed cuts were, of course, no surprise…

So here we go again, as news that a coach-less Tiger hitting balls again hits the wires today.

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MCS – The Norman/Crowell Variation

???????????Here is some more insight on the work I’ve been doing with PGA of America¬†instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell over the past couple of months.

There is a variation of the down swing and action through impact that I years ago looked into and dubbed the “hockey” swing because I actually dreamed it up while remembering my hockey days and how the slap shot is performed.

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A Great MCS Golf Swing (Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell)

BT3This clip shows a couple of swings from PGA of America instructor and tournament player¬†Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, face on and down the line with the Driver in slow-motion.

As I said yesterday, BT and I have been working on his swing for about two months but he’s had time the last couple of weeks to focus on the work and not playing in events.

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