George Knudson – More Hogan Than Hogan

george knudson addrGeorge Knudson is perhaps one of least-known ball-striking masters from the past PGA Tour eras.

He is a man Jack Nicklaus described as having “a million dollar swing and a ten-cent putter,” alluding to the fact that Knudson should have won much more than he did on Tour with the quality of his ball-striking.

Ben Hogan said Knudson had the “best swing of his generation,” which is high praise indeed, and some even ventured the opinion that Knudson’s swing was “more Hogan than Hogan.”

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2 Days In – The Big Toilet Makes Some Changes

BT - Masters biscuitOK friends, apologies for the delay, yesterday turned out to be a full recharge day, but the rest was good and this morning I’ve taken the before & after address position for Big Toilet, from Thursday to Saturday.

Now, Jerry doesn’t need a swing overhaul, he’s already an accomplished player and has a good enough swing to play.  He just wants to take it to the next level, and that’s what we’re working on.

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The Final MCS Model = Mike Austin + Ben Hogan

HoganRare Mike Austin Swing Demonstration (3)I’ve been trying to figure out what I love so much about the “Floating Pivot” as perfected by Ben Hogan, while still being unable or unwilling to say that this pivot is better than the “Shift & Post” pivot as performed by Mike Austin and as described in my later MCS videos.

I realized today why that is – it’s not the Shift & Post pivot action that I’m so attached to.  It’s the “throw release” aspect of the MCS swing models that I pursued with the study of Mike Austin’s swing theory.

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Camilo Villegas – Remember Him?

Originally posted March 10, 2010 on the Smash Golf blog

Camilo Villegas won his first PGA Tournament in nearly four and a half years today, and I went looking for the posting I’d written about him after his last win in March of 2010.  Not a particularly brilliant analysis, but take note of the last paragrapsh – I have left the posting intact without changing one word that wrote back then.


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Sunday Thread – Odds’n’Ends

Driver Face OnIn tournament news, Nick Watney leads by a stroke going into the final round at the Wydham Championship, with Canadian golfer Brad Fritsch in sole 2nd position.  I took a look at Fritsch’s action, seems to have a pretty good move on the ball.  I’ll be keeping an eye on this round as I attend to some matters.

The FaceBook “MCS Golf Swing” Group is now up and running.  If you’ve joined, please bear with the initial period as it’s going to take some time to get it looking and running the way I’d like it to.  Consider it your FaceBook home away from home when you’re not actually at the Wax Golf blog.

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The Golf Swing Saved My Life

djwThat may sound dramatic, but it’s true.  The golf swing has nothing to do with anything, medically or miraculously.  It’s simply that the golf swing research I began in 2005 was undertaken as a distraction, and it worked beautifully.

I have written this week, in the wake of Robin William’s unbelievable passing (not that he did, but the circumstances under which he left the mortal coil) about having been diagnosed myself as a manic-depressive, or someone who suffers from what they now call bipolar disorder.

Mine is Type-One, if anyone is interested in the details.

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