Shark & Bake Saturday – UMCS vs PGA Tour Stats

shark-and-bake-djNow, I’m not saying that the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” swing model will make you a PGA Tour player.  There is more to the game of golf than just the swing.

You have to factor in course management (John Daly, great swinger, not-so-great manager), short game, putting and of course heart and grit.

I can’t give a player the intangibles, I deal with the swing.  But if you have a solid swing, then your success or failure on the golf course will rest on things other than the swing.

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Big Toilet’s Effortless Power (300+ Yard Drives)

bt drv 1aYou’ve seen Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s new swing, rebuilt over the months since we began working on it last August or so.

You also know that the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” is the swing model that I built for him and which has turned out to be “the” swing model for MCS swingers and will remain so until a better model arises, the likelihood of which occurrence is, in my opinion, between highly unlikely and impossible.

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UMCS – The Tighter The Pivot…

7 - Exercises (3)One of the things that has plagued people trying to swing athletically and mechanically-correctly is that old “2D” swing angle problem.  Everyone who’s been around here for any length of time since last winter will know about this.

The swing is actually 3-Dimensional, and I was reminded of this during a Skype with our long-time Member “EO” yesterday, when we worked on his pivot.  He’s looking to raise his game this year and wanted to fix his power leak.

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The Golf Swing = Checkers vs Chess

checkers-chess1The funny thing that happened when I finally figured out the basic mechanical action of the one model I had studied the longest (meaning, one that wasn’t my own) was that my personal power and consistency decreased from the previous model.

And it wasn’t due to a lack of anything in the Mike Austin mechanics also known as my MPS swing model from late 2013 – what it was, was a “throttling back” of my own go-for-it type of swing due to the shifting head with that model.

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This Posting Should Be Titled “Trackman Proves MCS”

attack angleI was sent this article on how to increase driving distances, and I was rather amused reading through it, because you’ll remember what Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has to say about the MCS swing theory – that he will only use Trackman and MCS swing theory when swinging or teaching the swing.

So, the article which I’m linking was amusing in that as I read off the points contained in the part I’m quoting, I was hearing Big Toilet’s voice in my head saying, “MCS & Trackman…”

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Pulling UMCS – Return To The Frisbee!

3 - The Frisbee (2)There is so much good stuff in the New MCS “Formula” Series from 2013, right from some of the address position theory (the “Formula” itself) to the actual mechanics of the MCS swing.

So, here’s something for both the “throwers” and the “pullers” for use in the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video.

For the pulling swingers, this will ingrain the basic mechanical sequence you need to perform a pull and not a “harpoon,” and for the throwing swingers – learning to incorporate the leading side leverage into your down swing will only improve your action.

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The Mystery of the Swing Plane Solved

New MCS Driver DTLI have recently (last week) solved my personal mystery of why I have had a normal or even flattish down swing plane in some of my swing models and why in others, I had a very steep  one.

Now, the one thing I promised all of the “pullers” at DJ’s Watering Hole was that I would figure out how to use the UMCS swing model and do as well with it as a “throwing” swinger.  But then, last week, when I solved my plane mystery, I realized that that actual proper UMCS swing model as laid out in the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video is the same model for either throwers or pullers.

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