Is World Long Drive Competition Dead? (Remax Out)

JASON ZUBACKI haven’t paid much attention to the long drive arena in a couple of years (most specifically the Remax World Long Drive Championship), for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I didn’t like the winner-take-all format – you’re going to try to get world class competitors to a place to compete their guts out, and only the winner comes away with anything?

I wasn’t competing, but had I been… I wouldn’t have gone all the way to Mesquite unless I was pretty sure I could win it… what’s the point, otherwise?

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UMCS – The Post-Modern Golf Swing Theory

MCS StanceIt’s ironic that it’s not even a “new” concept that defines the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” golf swing model.  It’s simply a return to the past when the classic era golfers (pre-“modern swing”) used mechanics that were more or less mechanically-correct.

No golfer in history has had a “perfect” swing, as we are human.  But guess what? There is a “perfect model,” if you’re going to talk about what the human body is and how it is constructed, and how athletic motion is different from just mechanical motion (the difference between MCS and, say, Mike Austin’s model), and the closer you get to that model, the better your swing will be.

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Flawed Reasoning – The Golf Swing vs The Game

headacheI have heard so many times that I can’t count, that “the golf swing is only part of the game, it isn’t the whole game, and blah-blah-blah…”

But you will never hear anyone say the same thing about any other part of the game.  And guess what?  A full half of every possible stroke you make in a theoretical round of 18 holes will be with a full swing – think about it.

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To John Jacobs With Respect – “Um… No…”

john jacobsI was forwarded this by Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA of America instructor, tournament player and hired gun for the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video.

He’s also a man who said the same thing that I did upon first reading this picture’s content.

Now, it’s hard to really object to something and be respectful at the same time, because John Jacobs was a legendary golf instructor before I was even born.

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Perfect Pivot – Remember June 2011?

CIMG6691 (1)That was the month I had gone to check out some drivers and the testing center’s machine had put me (on my best five or so swings) at an average of 350 yards-191 mph ball speed-135 mph impact speed.

I don’t know so much about the club impact speed, but the distance I was driving the ball that summer, and the ball speed would seem to have been about right.  I did get up to 187mph ball speed down in California last month, you’ll remember, after not having swung much for months, and back in ’11, I was four years younger and had been hitting balls several days per week since early April.

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Reverse Pivot vs Floating Pivot (Harpoon)

UMCS1 (2)Here something that we went over in the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” Video that I would like everyone to keep in mind about the nature of the floating pivot.  It is not a reverse-pivot, and I’ll show you two different back swings to illustrate the point.

In the first gif, you’ll see Jerry doing a standard reverse pivot in exaggerated form.  Now, the move towards the target can occur either in the back swing or from the top beginning  the down swing.

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What You Might Not Know About UMCS or DJ Watts

????????????The first question one might ask is, “How do you know the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” swing model is “it?”‘  You’ve thought you had it before, why is it “it” now?

The answer is, because when you’ve done enough research and gone down enough dead-ends, even when you’ve prematurely exclaimed “I’ve got it!” a couple of times only to realize there was something missing to the puzzle… you know when that last piece drops in.

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