Order Ultimate MCS In Advance This Weekend

????????????After receiving numerous inquiries about the much-talked about new MCS “Ultimate Leverage Machine” video, I am offering it for a limited time on pre-order in the spirit of the Black Friday holiday shopping season kick-off.

I wasn’t planning to make advance ordering available until sometime in December, but I’ll let the most eager of you take advantage of the steep discount I’m offering right now.

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The Modern Golf Swing – Separation In the Wrong Sequence

tiger woodsTiger Woods returns to action today next week  with a rested and repaired back, and the world will be watching every swing.

Now, I’ve spent a lot of my blogging time disagreeing with the modern swing because of many different aspects.

But the most glaring example of the modern swing trying to reinvent the wheel and coming up with a square one is the whole “separation” craze on the back swing.

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Are You Really “Throw” Releasing?

????????????I haven’t been, at least nowhere near what I have in my visual currently.  I took my swing stick today after having thought about Mike Dunaway’s address position and mechanics last evening before going to bed.

The “throw” release concept will be a very difficult one to grasp if you have never spent much time throwing balls or other objects, especially underhanded or side-arm style.

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Michelle Wie Embraces The Back-Breaker

Michelle-Wie-taped legI was emailed an online piece about Michelle Wie last week (thanks to Wax Golf reader C.C.!), wherein it becomes evident that that Michelle’s next serious injury is not a matter of “if” but “when.”

I wrote about Michelle when she won the U.S. Women’s Open last summer, and the funny thing was that I missed at first the medical tape that she had running down one leg when I posted pictures of her from the weekend.

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Why The MCS “Leverage Machine” Model Is Superior

????????????I would anticipate that some might ask me, “DJ, what is it about this model, your ‘MCS – Ultimate Leverage Machine’ model that is so much better than anything you’ve modeled before?”

My answer to that would be, “It takes the mechanical principles from two different models and combines them for a swing model that gives you both maximum power and speed through impact and maximum accuracy and consistency.”

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Shark & Bake Saturday – MCS & The Ultimate Leverage Machine

shark-and-bake-djThis is an exciting time for me.

I am anticipating that the coming winter season will be the greatest winter season I or my long-time readers have experienced since I began blogging about the golf swing back in the late summer of 2007, about two years after having begun my swing research.

I was pleased to receive a call this morning from long-time Wax Member jmwald, who is also the gentleman whose long drive clubs you see me swinging from time to time.  As a side note, expect to see those SMT drivers more in the next year…

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Meet Tiger’s New Swing Coach – Chris Como (Update)

inar01-chris-como-sliceUpdated at Bottom

Word is out (thanks to Chief Cowpie  for the blog scoop) that Tiger Woods has chosen golf instructor Chris Como as his next swing coach.

I have never heard of Como, just as I had never heard of Sean Foley when Tiger began working with him.

From what the Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has to say about him however, Tiger appears to be heading in the right direction with this choice.

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