Meet Tiger’s New Swing Coach – Chris Como (Update)

inar01-chris-como-sliceUpdated at Bottom

Word is out (thanks to Chief Cowpie  for the blog scoop) that Tiger Woods has chosen golf instructor Chris Como as his next swing coach.

I have never heard of Como, just as I had never heard of Sean Foley when Tiger began working with him.

From what the Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has to say about him however, Tiger appears to be heading in the right direction with this choice.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – MCS & The Ultimate Leverage Machine

shark-and-bake-djThis is an exciting time for me.

I am anticipating that the coming winter season will be the greatest winter season I or my long-time readers have experienced since I began blogging about the golf swing back in the late summer of 2007, about two years after having begun my swing research.

I was pleased to receive a call this morning from long-time Wax Member jmwald, who is also the gentleman whose long drive clubs you see me swinging from time to time.  As a side note, expect to see those SMT drivers more in the next year…

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Rory McIlroy – Getting Better & Better

rory 3w addrYou all know I hate the modern swing, but with the modern swing of one person currently ranked #1 in the world with a bullet, Rory McIlroy just seems to keep improving his swing in ways that are not typical of the modern golf swing.

Is it too much to hope that perhaps today’s pros are swinging back towards the mechanically-sound principles found in the classic era swings?  I would be delighted, for one.

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Lag Is Not What You Think It Is (Updated)

????????????????????Updated With a “Note” Halfway  Down

The obsession in the video era of creating or maintaining the “lag” in one’s down swing has been one that has ruined many a good swing trying to make it better.

When most people think of lag, they think of simply keeping the “angle” between the shaft and leading forearm as acute as possible until just before impact.

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YESSSS – Oh, About That “Leverage Machine”

?????????It has been a glorious day for me, my friends.  I was swinging the swing stick for the 3rd or 4th time this afternoon, still marveling at now neatly the swing plane falls into its proper slot with the correct down swing sequencing when it happened.

Before I tell you all what “it” was, I want to apologize to my long-time readers – it shouldn’t have taken me this long, but in my defense, I am a left-handed person swinging right-handed.

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Slimmer Tiger Coming Back In Two Weeks

tiger pinkWe all knew that Tiger Woods was going to make his return (again) from his back injury at his own tournament, but there is some buzz afoot as well that Tiger may have abandoned his Olympic weight-lifting routine and gone the way of… a slimmer physique with less muscle.

That is good news, certainly, as you swing a golf club more with technique than with muscle power.  The second way leads to incorrect form and eventually injury (not rocket science).

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When Tiger Woods Was The Best On The Planet

tiger addressMany people consider the 2000-2001 version of Tiger Woods to be the best, but I prefer the amateur and ’97 just-turned-pro Tiger Woods swing above all the other models he’s had.

To say that he had to change his swing from then is to just not understand mechanics, because the amateur Tiger had the soundest mechanical model for a swing he’s ever had.

The snapping left knee?  He had it under Butch, under Haney and Foley, so I don’t see how the swing changes he’s made over the years were done to protect the knee.  From the waist down, every swing model he’s had involved the hyper-extending left knee.

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