8 Iron – 200 Yards??

8iI spent part of the day over at the academy where I practice, as today was the official opening and Open House Day.

First day on the grass tees, always enjoyable.

It’s a fun time of year, where you see people you know whom you haven’t seen since last season.

And of course I like to hit some balls and see what’s going on with the equipment makers’ pavilions and perhaps sneak onto the Trackman to hit some balls.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – Ready For Launch!

umcs seq drvIf you are wondering what’s behind my current elation with UMCS, it’s because I’ve entered a place that is unfamiliar to me.

When I developed the MPS swing model that mirrored Mike Austin’s swing mechanics, I truly thought I was finished with my swing theory.

I had figured out what Austin was doing and what his model entailed (I compared it more to swinging a stick than throwing the club, but the action is the same), and it was only then that I realized something was not optimal with the model.

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Ben Hogan Project – Limited Time

????????????????????????I have again received some inquiries about the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project” which I had removed from downloading availability due to the completion of the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video.

The MCS “Ultimate Leverage” swing model differs from the previous models in that it uses the “floating pivot” action rather than the “shift-and-post” of the earlier MCS models.

There is some mystery to what Ben Hogan was doing with his pivot… if you haven’t been reading Wax Golf, that is.

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Swing Change Day 5 – UMCS Swing Getting There!

impactsWell, it’s been a week since my last time hitting balls, due to the wintry weather that descended last weekend.

And it wasn’t exactly balmy today with a temperature at about 5 Celsius (40 F) when I went today, but it was sunny and I was going stir crazy swinging my stick at home.

Apologies for the tilted aspect of the frontal swings in real-time – the wind was pretty vigorous and I had issues with the tripod shifting with gusts…

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George Knudson – More Hogan Than Hogan

george knudson addrRe-posted

George Knudson is perhaps one of least-known ball-striking masters from the past PGA Tour eras.

He is a man Jack Nicklaus described as having “a million dollar swing and a ten-cent putter,” alluding to the fact that Knudson should have won much more than he did on Tour with the quality of his ball-striking.

Ben Hogan said Knudson had the “best swing of his generation,” which is high praise indeed, and some even ventured the opinion that Knudson’s swing was “more Hogan than Hogan.”

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Mike Dunaway’s Leverage

Mike-DunawayMike Dunaway passed away last autumn and I remarked at the time how little known he was to the golf world.

I mean, you’d think the man hired to to be the tester for Callaway’s line of Big Bertha drivers at the dawn of the steel club head era would be better known.

He also of course gave credit to Mike Austin for giving him his swing model, so I don’t really have to introduce him to most of my readers.

Let’s just take another look at his swing.

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